Uniform Clinic Night

  • Danforth Tech C.I. 800 Greenwood Avenue Toronto, ON, M4J 4B6 Canada

Where: Danforth Tech C.I. 


Transportation: None. This activity will occur on a regular scheduled parade night at Danforth Tech C.I. 

Food: N/A

Dress: Civilian attire. Cadets must bring their full uniform on a hanger, along with their boots. Any items that cadets use to maintain their uniforms (i.e. polishing kits, etc.) MUST also be brought as well.  

Miscellaneous: Cadets will be learning (by doing) how to maintain their uniform to official dress standards. Cadets will be ironing, sewing, etc. Polishing kits (polishing cloths, brushes, and polish) must be brought with the cadet. 

Sign Ups: None. This is a mandatory Wed night activity as per all other Wednesday training.