Fall Survival Training Exercise

  • CFB Borden

Where: CFB Borden

OPI: CI Ramkissoon 

Transportation: A bus will transport cadets to and from CFB Borden. Cadets must R.V. at Danforth Tech C.I. for 1745h on Fri 28 Oct 16, the bus will depart at 1830h. Cadets will return to Danforth Tech C.I. on Sun 30 Oct 16 at approx. 1700h.

Food: All meals will be provided on Sat and Sun. Cadets must eat supper prior to arriving at the bus on Friday evening. Any dietary restrictions should be identified on the permission form. Supper will NOT be provided on Sun. 

Dress: As per the kit list below (to be provided) 

Miscellaneous: Cadets MUST adhere to the kit list below and pack everything that is listed. Cadets will be training outdoors all weekend and therefore must wear and pack appropriate clothing. Permission forms must be submitted and health cards shown prior to boarding the bus. 

Supporting Documentation: Click here to access the permission form. Click here to access the kit list. 

Field Training Uniform Surplus Stores (optional and at own expense):
- only tunic, pants, boots, and beret needed:

a. The Army Store - http://www.yellowpages.ca/bus/Ontario/East-York/The-Little-Army-Store/8230172.html
b. https://beaversarmysurplus.com
c. http://www.armyoutfitters.ca

Sign Ups: Closed