Canada's Wonderland (Tagging Incentive)

  • Canada's Wonderland

Where: Canada's Wonderland 

OPI: Maj John

Transportation: A school bus will be provided to transport cadets to and from Danforth Tech C.I. Cadets must make their own way to the school for 0845h. The bus will leave promptly at 0900h. Cadets will leave the park at 2145h and return at approx. 2230h.

Food: One meal ONLY will be provided. Cadets may bring a meal to consume on the bus, or money to purchase one at the park. Only plastic bottles of water are permitted inside the park. Cadets must eat a breakfast prior to attending.

Dress: Civilian attire, dress according to the weather as this is an outdoor event. Bathing suits are permitted as well for water attractions. 

Miscellaneous: This activity is ONLY for cadets who have been authorized to attend. Those cadets who tagged a FULL FOUR shifts during the spring tagging fundraiser, and have had their attendance confirmed by a senior cadets, are permitted to attend.