Welcome to the online sign up portion of our squadron website. Below you will find activities that are open for registration by squadron member. Only activities that are available to register are listed, future activities will be included closer to the event date. 

This is considered an official sign up list. If you are unable to attend an activity after signing up, please inform the squadron ASAP; you can do so through the "contact us" section of this website. 

Event Details can be found on the calendar section of this website at www.330aircadets.com/calendar. Be sure to read all information on the calendar before registering for an activity. 

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By signing up for this activity I agree that I have read the activity information on the sqn calendar and will arrive on time for my selected activity. Furthermore, if I am unable to attend for a valid reason, I will inform the sqn ASAP. Please only sign up ONCE per activity.